When you’re a brand new blogger the number one thing that’s on your mind is how to get people to view your blog.

Honestly, you don’t really care about anything else other than traffic!

The good news is that you can grow your blog’s traffic fairly quickly–this week as a matter of fact, if you just put some elbow grease into it.

Now I will warn you that having great promotion skills is not going to do you any good if your content is crappy.

You do have to have something interesting to say and know how to say it in an interesting way.

Once you have a solid foundation and a way to build your email list (content upgrades), you’re ready to promote the hell out of your blog and get yourself some traffic.

The good news about blog traffic is that it doesn’t have to cost a dime.

Social media has millions–dare I say billions of potential readers.

Here are a few quick and easy social media strategies to get traffic for your brand new blog.

Find 15-20 Communities Online

So the first thing you want to do is find your tribe online. You have to really think outside of the box on this one. Where would you go or hang out if you were your ideal reader? Here are all great places to find your people:

  1. Facebook Groups – My favorite place to find blogging communities is Facebook. All you have to do is search for *keyword* + “group” and find groups that are matched to your niche.
  2. Quora
  3. Reddit
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. Google +
  7. Periscope
  8. Blab
  9. Other people’s blogs in your niche
  10. Forums related to your niche

Now when I say find 15-20 communities, know that you can (and probably will) find 10 of those communities on Facebook or maybe you’ll find them all on Facebook. You could find your communities on 10 main blogs and then the rest on Quora.

The thing is you have to find several communities in which you can not only meet people but also places where you can promote.

The only other ways you can get massive exposure to a new blog is to pay for ads or guest post on a big blog.

How to Promote on Facebook

How to Promote om

So the trick to promoting on Facebook is you have to spread your net wide. Many people will say that you should stick to 3-5 Facebook groups and they’re right in a way.

Stick to making relationships in only 3-5 Facebook groups.

Have another set of 10 or so that you promote in.

There are Facebook groups that are solely for promos and there’s nothing wrong with using them.

Jenn Peters from Because I’m Cheap has created an awesome list of Facebook groups that you can promote your blog posts in.

Usually these blogging groups have daily threads where you can post your blog post.

However, don’t be a person who just drops and leaves. Take 10 minutes to scroll through and comment on 2-3 blog posts that you’re actually interested in reading.

I’m not going to lie, this is time intensive as hell but if you don’t have any money for ads nor do you have any friends with 30k monthly page views that will let you guest post, then this is what it is.

To make this a little easier on yourself I suggest creating a distribution list or spreadsheet with the name of the Facebook group in one column and your blog post in another. Then check all the way down the list as your promote your blog post in each group.

It could look something like this:


You could even create a checklist to fill and print out and just check off each post that you promote.

Rundown of Strategy:

  1. Find 10 promo Facebook groups
  2. Create a checklist
  3. Promote your blog post at least once per week in all 10 Facebook groups

How to Promote on Twitter

How to Promote om (3)

It’s fairly easy to promote your business via Twitter. All you have to do is follow people who are in your niche.

How do you do that? By finding authority accounts in your niche and follow their followers.

There are tons of twitter management accounts you can use to easily do this. The one that I use and recommend is Unfollowers.

I believe it’s less than $10 per month for the premium account and it makes following and unfollowing people super easy.

When you’re first starting out you need to follow a ton of people to get your account going.

You can do this in 2 days by following 1000 people the first day and then another 1000 people the 2nd day. Make sure not to go over the 1000 people per day limit.

Then stop! Once you follow 2000 people you can then only follow 10% more people than you are following.

So if your follower count is 1000, and you’re following 2000 people, you can only follow 100 additional people period until your follower count goes up.

If you fail to follow the rules you could be put in Twitter jail and no one wants that!

Twitter has around a 40% follow-back rate so after a week or so you should have your first 800 followers!

Now how you can get your traffic is by setting up an automated DM (Direct Message) using Unfollowers.

Every time someone follows you they will get this direct message. You can say something like, “Hey! Thanks for following me. I think that you would be really interested in this blog post: *insert link*.”

You may think this will annoy people but it works! And it was how I got my first 50 or so email subscribers!

Make sure to post your blog posts regularly throughout the week and even recycle old blog posts.

Pin a popular blog post to the top of your Twitter profile for more exposure.

If you really want to take it up a notch, use Social Quant. It’s a $50 per month tool but it is totally worth it!

Basically, you enter in your interests and they follow and unfollow real people based on your interests.

I didn’t believe it worked but they have a 14-day trial that you can take advantage of and I tried it.

The results? They grew my account by 700-800 people in 2 weeks! And these people were actually engaged with my content.

I thought it was a lot of money at first but if you think about it, you will pay a social media assistant hundreds of dollars to manage your account and this only costs $50.

Rundown of Strategy

  1. Sign up with a twitter manager
  2. Find 2-3 authority accounts in your niche
  3. Create automated DM (direct message) with your latest or best blog post
  4. Follow 1000 people 2 days in a row–then stop!
  5. Slowly unfollow those not following back over two weeks
  6. Or sign up for Social Quant’s 2 week free trial and get the same 800 followers you would if you manually followed people.

How to Promote on Pinterest

How to Promote om (5)

Promoting on Pinterest is also simple but time consuming.

The first thing you need to do is set up a business account and create at least 10 boards.

Sprout Social has a really detailed article on how to set up your account and boards.

It should go without saying, you need great photos to succeed on Pinterest.

Here’s are a few quick guidelines to creating nice Pinterest images.

  1. Make sure it is around 735 x 1102. I use Picmonkey or Canva to create this custom size image.
  2. Use beautiful high-quality images. I like using Pexels copyright free images.
  3. Use no more than 2-3 fonts.  I love PicMonkey’s fonts!
  4. Make sure your text is clear, simple, and easy to read on the page.
  5. Use elements or red, orange, brown, or pink to stand out.

Bad example:


Great Example:



See the difference? Pic Monkey goes into even more detail as to what makes a Pinterest image popular with this blog post. 

After you have your account set up and have your boards filled it’s time to start growing.

Like Twitter, you can follow followers or authority accounts. Don’t go crazy but maybe follow 100 people per hour and 200-300 people per day just to start off with.

Pinterest has about a 25% follow back rate so for every 4 people you follow, 1 will follow back.

That’s okay because no one cares about your follow/follower ratio on Pinterest.

Check out Chantal from Blogdacious’s strategy that nets her 76+ followers per day. 

In addition to following people on Pinterest, consider joining group boards.

Group boards are awesome because they allow you to pin to other people’s followers.

I talk more about what group boards are and how to join them here. 

Use Pingroupie to find 10 or more group boards to join.

After you have been accepted as a contributor on these boards, it’s time to set up pins to be scheduled.

You don’t want to spam people’s boards so try not to pin more than 1-2 posts on any individual board per day.

I personally recommend using Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest posts because it’s easy to use and it’s effective.

Get a free month of Tailwind here. 

Rundown of Strategy

  1. Create a business Pinterest account
  2. Set up 10 boards of your own and fill them with your pins and pins of other bloggers
  3. Make sure your images are optimized for Pinterest
  4. Follow 200-300 people per day
  5. Join 10 other group boards
  6. Schedule 1-2 pins to go out on each group board each day using TailWind