How I Grew My Email List By

Okay so I have to give a lil’ backstory before I actually share how I got 700+ email subscribers in 1 week!

So in February I worked super hard on creating my very first course, From Blogger to Freelance Writer in 30 Days or Less, and a membership site for bloggers.

I had built up a Facebook group of over 1000 people in less than 3 months, my other social media sites looked about the same, and I had about 375 email subscribers.

I felt super confident in my ability to sell this amazing course and site because I felt like I had build rapport with my online followers.

So I launched and…I heard crickets.

I didn’t sell many spots in my membership site and I even gave away my course to a few people who barely looked at it.

It was DEVASTATING to say the least..

In that moment I really wanted to give up because I was like, how could I do all of this work for nothing.

But I didn’t. Instead, I got up the next day and offered a worksheet from my paid course for free in a few Facebook groups.

And what happened was nothing short of amazing…



This is the actual post and in not even an hour I had over 100 people opting in. I continued to promote this post in other Facebook groups, on my blog and in other social media sites and received over 700 email subscribers.

Now many of them did not double opt-in, a whole slew of them unsubscribed, but I still was able to get an incredible amount of people to sign up for FREE.

Here’s how I did it..

Took 2 Months to Create Online Visibility

The very first thing that I did was I was consistent online. I created a Facebook group and grew it to over 1000 members in just a couple of months by throwing challenges, asking members to help me grow it, and the help of Facebook naturally referring new members to my group for free.

I posted EVERY DAY. If you want to be visible online you have to post every single day, especially in the beginning. I set up a theme of the day for my Facebook group, asked additional questions in my group and other groups, and made sure to comment, like, and share other people’s posts.

I collaborated with bloggers and even found my best blogging buddy, Haley Snyder in a Facebook group.

I actually made friends.

In short, I hustled my butt off in order to be visible on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. In this time I didn’t do a lot of selling or asking for emails. I had only asked for emails for a Facebook challenge and I had half-attempted to sell my membership site and course.

So when I offered the freebie above, people kinda knew who I was and that I was a real person.

Asked People What They Wanted

So the reason I created my course was because I knew it was what people wanted. Why? Because I asked them. That’s why I was sooo confused as to why no one was interested.

Part of my reason was I didn’t do a pre-launch promotion, I didn’t have a big enough email list, and I didn’t educate people on why they need my offer (didn’t proposition my value correctly).

Offered it the Correct Way

A big issue that I see online is how people offer their free resource. They make it about them or they’re not clear on the value that it will provide.

You have to post it in a way that shows them how your offer is going to get them X result. What is going to happen as a result of them downloading your offer? Anything else does not matter.

If you’re stuck, find a post that has a ton of engagement and save it. I take screen shots of Facebook posts ALL the time! I study them, how they word their offers, and how they offer their offer (LOL).

And as a result, I’m now able to replicate it! Here is another post that landed me 245 email subscribers in 2 days.


Posted my Offer in Several Different Places

I post my offer in about 5-7 Facebook groups and on 3 different Twitter accounts on multiple days. I also make sure my opt-in offers on my blog is set up in 3 different ways (that are not invasive of course). I create pins and pin my offer to group boards.

I also make sure to offer my free offer in my blog posts like this 7 Day List Building Challenge where you’ll learn how to get 250 subscribers in 1 week! :)

If this sounds overwhelming then create a checklist and put it somewhere visible so that whenever you have a new offer or a blog post you can make sure to schedule it to go out on all of your social media sites.

All of these things are what contributed to me being able to post something that people really want and as a result rapidly grow my email list.

So here’s the formula again:

Built online visibility for 2 months + Asked people what they wanted + Offered in the correct way + Posted my offer EVERYWHERE

Tell me, does this help you or no? Are you a struggling entrepreneur that wants to get clear on how to build your email list and make money? If so schedule a free 30 minute strategy session with me today.

And don’t forget to join in on my list building strategy. We are really going to get 250 email subscribers and I’m super pumped for ittt!!! Yes I’m really yelling